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Technical Specifications
Sl. No. Grade Designation of paver blocks Traffic Category Recommended minimum paver block Thickness (MM) Traffic examples of Application
1 M-30 Non-Traffic 50 Building premises, monument premises, landscapes, public gardens/parks, domestic drives, paths and patios, embankment slopes, sand stabilization area, etc.
2 M-35 Light Traffic 60 Pedestrian plazes, shopping complexes, car parks, office driveways, housing colonies, office complexes, rural roads with low volume traffic, farm houses, beach sites, tourist resorts, local authority, footways, residential roads, etc.
3 M-40 Medium-traffic 80 City streets, small and medium market roads, low volume roads, utility cuts on arterial roads, etc.
4 M-50 Heavy-Traffic 100 Bus terminals, industrials complexes, mandi houses, roads on expensive soils, factory floor, service stations, industrial pavements, etc.
5 M-55 Very Heavy-Traffic 120 Container terminals, ports, docks yards, mine access roads, bulk cargo handling areas, airport pavements, etc.