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How long have Paving stones been used?

Paving stones are in use since early A.D. Roam times. They have gained popularity here in India since early 90's.

What is the cost of paving stones in compared to stamped stones/other paving materials?

The initial cost is very comparable but where interlocking paving stones have an advantage over the other paving materials is its life expectancy, interlocking paving stones will last a life because of its high strength (8000psi) compared to placed concrete which is 2500psi. They also have the ability to flex and move because of the joints between them. Other paving materials are susceptible to cracking and therefore have a less life expectancy.

Are Interlocking paving stones slippery?

No, Interlocking Paving stone surpass the standards for slip resistance established by the American disabilities act.

Will weeds grow from underneath my interlocking paving stones?

No, all weeds and vegetation need sunlight to grow, growth in between interlocking paving stones occur when airborne spores infiltrates the sand joint, using polymeric sand and/or sealing joints will virtually eradicate weed growth.

How long does it take to use the paved area after installation?

Well, the area can be put into use immediately after installation whereas, other paving materials need well defined time before they can be used for.

Should I seal my Interlocking paving stones?

Depending on your specific site condition sealing may be a good idea, the benefits are:-
1. Protection from oil.
2. Protection of original color.
3. Limits vegetation and weeds growth.
4. Helps with general maintenance.

Are the joints filled between the pavers?

Yes, with clean, fine sand the sand should be dry sand so it will flow freely into the joints.

How will the aggregate base be compacted?

In 4” (200mm) layers to achieve the maximum density and load bearing capacity. Each layer will require several passes of a compactor to achieve this.

Will an edge restraint be installed?

Yes, an edge restraint around the perimeter of the pavers is essential for eliminating horizontal creeping of the pavers and loss of bedding sand.

Can dirty or broken pavers be replaced?

Yes, you can be assured of replacement of pavers. They can be easily removed and/or replaced.